Into Oblivion

A New Age

To be updated as universe circumstances change after we decide what happens after around 200 year time difference

After the fall of the Mandate, the Antian Empire officially becomes the premier power of the Unaffiliated Realms.

With the ‘ascension’ of Xylus and the crowning of the new Emperor, the power of the nobility rises, leading to increased noble influence in matters traditionally ruled by the church, including the elections of Factors and the Senate.

The part of the universe inhabited by the Qzin has remained untouched since the Qzin Invasion, all diplomatic missions not even able to establish basic communication with the reclusive species.

Recently, the Imperial Office of State has received distressing calls from Drokor planets not within the Imperial sphere of influence, who the Antians have not managed to bring under the light of Xylus. All of the calls speak of a sudden end of Qzin trade shipments, along with other goods that the Drokor have slowly learned to rely upon. The calls also usually mention society-wide panic and chaos, and appear to have been sent sometimes weeks in the past. Clearly the Drokor were running low on whatever the Qzin supplied them that made them able to survive in the galaxy.

Liberation of Never-Look-Back
Book the Third

The Grand Alliance Fleet launches a liberation of Never-Look-Back.

In order to clear the way for the 4th and 5th regiments of the Imperial Dragoons, a special unit composed of Imperial supercommandos and Imperial Dragoons led by Major Kroll and Sir Hem Kadwyn carry out an attack on a Mandate drone control base.

Arrival on Antia
Book the Second

Callus, Kade, and Kumis arrive on Antia.

They set up a homebase in a medium level hotel – they are now closer than ever to their goal of infiltrating the Antian Museum of Xenoarchaeology in order to recover an ancient artifact.

Kade and Kumis go whoring.

Callus tries to convince Kumis to give some of their funds to an investment broker.

Meatpacking Company Infiltration
Ahn'zt Mission

Callus, Kade, and Kumis carry out an Ahn’zt mission to infiltrate a meat packing company. It goes off without a hitch. A bunch of people die.

Book the Third - An Imperial Dawn

The Antian Empire isn’t given a chance to slip into chaos following the death of its purported God-Emperor Xylus. Duke Theodat Kadwyn, one of the only two people in the Empire to know of the real circumstances behind Xylus’ death, declares himself Emperor before all the nobles of the realm.

Emperor Theodat announces the creation of a Grand Alliance, consisting of the Antian Empire, the Traxos Trade Confederacy (with which a truce has been forged), the Sarkell Republic, Lucian Technocracy, and the Verger worlds to combat the Mandate threat.

Breaching the Sanctum
Book the Third - the Duke and the Knight

Theo and Hem infiltrate the Imperial Sanctum in an attempt to awaken Emperor Xylus. They are intercepted by Duke Holmstet at the very entrance to the Sanctum who has Tula executed and then proceeds to shatter the Imperial Orb – a large sphere containing Xylus’ life essence.

In the blaze of power that explodes out of the orb, Theo and Hem are given glimpses into Xylus’ mind, seeing glimpses of the Empire’s founding, the circumstances behind Xylus’ entry into the Orb, and Xylus’ ultimate descent into madness and destruction.

Theo and Hem kill Holmstet and his men immediately after, becoming the only two men to know what happened in the Imperial Sanctum.

Extraction from Gyrus II
Book the Second - The Warden and the Dwarf

Miryn reveals to the crew of the Survival First that she is a New Akanthan. Convincing them that others may have survived and would be tortured by the Mandate if found, Miryn asksthe crew of the Survival First to return to Gyrus II and try to recover any functioning stasis pods.

Callus, Kade, and Kumis arrive at Gyrus II and discover that the Mandates have created an entire outpost around the crashed frigate. They lure down a Mandate gunship, hijack it, and attack the outpost, seizing the functioning stasis pods from the Mandate and escaping.

Later on, the newly awoken New Akanthans leave ship when it next makes port, leaving behind their gratitude. And the promise of an eventual reward.

Coming Storm
Book the Third - the Duke and the Knight

With Tula secured, Theo and Hem plan out their next steps.

Meanwhile, deep within the Citadel – a highly fortified Antian military installation buried deep below the surface of the capital world of Antia, Lord Protector Holmstet holds an emergency meeting to discuss the Antian Empire’s next steps in the face of Mandate aggression.

Abandoned Base: Ahn'zt Mission
Book the Second - the Warden and the Dwarf

Kade and Kumis go on a mission to investigate an abandoned Mandate research facility on a jungle planet.

After Kumis presses some sort of button in the maintenance room, the group discover that the facility is filled with defense turrets. Yukio manages to destroy the turret that appears in the maintenance room.

They continue on, Kumis and Kade discover the power room, with two massive generators. The duo get them up and running, but then discover that they also activated the turrets through out the facility. THANKS NORG.

The whole group now head into the markets, where Kade risks her life as a distraction, so that Yukio and Kumis can get a shot on another turret they spot. This plan works, with Kade only suffering minor scars, the most noticeable being a scar along her cheek, from a grazed bullet.

Callus heads to the planet of Gyrus II at Corde’s behest where he recovers a stasis pod and wakes the individual within – Miryn Trochar, a citizen of New Akanthos, a nation located far beyond the verge worlds of the human diaspora.

The Chase
Book the Third - "The Duke and the Knight

Sir Hem receives the freed prisoner Tula Ly’alle, but after parking too close to a lift tube, thus allowing Tula to stage a hasty escape, chases Tula across two levels of the city before subduing her.


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