Into Oblivion

Abandoned Base: Ahn'zt Mission

Book the Second - the Warden and the Dwarf

Kade and Kumis go on a mission to investigate an abandoned Mandate research facility on a jungle planet.

After Kumis presses some sort of button in the maintenance room, the group discover that the facility is filled with defense turrets. Yukio manages to destroy the turret that appears in the maintenance room.

They continue on, Kumis and Kade discover the power room, with two massive generators. The duo get them up and running, but then discover that they also activated the turrets through out the facility. THANKS NORG.

The whole group now head into the markets, where Kade risks her life as a distraction, so that Yukio and Kumis can get a shot on another turret they spot. This plan works, with Kade only suffering minor scars, the most noticeable being a scar along her cheek, from a grazed bullet.

Callus heads to the planet of Gyrus II at Corde’s behest where he recovers a stasis pod and wakes the individual within – Miryn Trochar, a citizen of New Akanthos, a nation located far beyond the verge worlds of the human diaspora.


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