Into Oblivion

Breaching the Sanctum

Book the Third - the Duke and the Knight

Theo and Hem infiltrate the Imperial Sanctum in an attempt to awaken Emperor Xylus. They are intercepted by Duke Holmstet at the very entrance to the Sanctum who has Tula executed and then proceeds to shatter the Imperial Orb – a large sphere containing Xylus’ life essence.

In the blaze of power that explodes out of the orb, Theo and Hem are given glimpses into Xylus’ mind, seeing glimpses of the Empire’s founding, the circumstances behind Xylus’ entry into the Orb, and Xylus’ ultimate descent into madness and destruction.

Theo and Hem kill Holmstet and his men immediately after, becoming the only two men to know what happened in the Imperial Sanctum.


CassiusExGladio CassiusExGladio

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