Into Oblivion

Extraction from Gyrus II

Book the Second - The Warden and the Dwarf

Miryn reveals to the crew of the Survival First that she is a New Akanthan. Convincing them that others may have survived and would be tortured by the Mandate if found, Miryn asksthe crew of the Survival First to return to Gyrus II and try to recover any functioning stasis pods.

Callus, Kade, and Kumis arrive at Gyrus II and discover that the Mandates have created an entire outpost around the crashed frigate. They lure down a Mandate gunship, hijack it, and attack the outpost, seizing the functioning stasis pods from the Mandate and escaping.

Later on, the newly awoken New Akanthans leave ship when it next makes port, leaving behind their gratitude. And the promise of an eventual reward.


CassiusExGladio CassiusExGladio

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