Mercenary, Avid Reader


“Callus, come and extract us!”

“Can it wait? A, I’m in the shitter. B, I just got to a good part in my book”

Callus’s response to Orin Raith’s plea after the latter found himself in a compromising situation aboard an Ahn’zt Hae Senn mining vessel.

Physical appearance:

Powerful physique, light brown shoulder length hair, neatly trimmed beard. Garish tattoos covering both arms.

Grizzled ex-mercenary, currently retired and living as a homesteader on Never-Look-Back.


Callus was born on the planet of Grados IV – his father was a Stellar Planetary Enforcement officer and his mother was an ex-member of the Galactic Liberation League. He had three siblings.

Callus stated that his mother was killed and that the rest of his family died after, but did not elaborate.

Callus was involved the Wardens for some time but left in disgust with their methods, which he viewed as no better than those of the Mandates.

He was initially hostile when approached by Orin Raith and Kumis Algul but eventually agreed to help them – for a price. He headed to the planet’s capital to send a message by courier for Orin to the Warden leadership.

Almost right after he sent the message, a Mandate battle fleet under the command of Admiral Dnys Glaive entered the system and began a Mandate occupation of the planet. Callus ended up trapped in the city and signaled Orin and Kumis to help him get out.

He holed up in a bar in the city’s slums where he was greeted by Kumis. Before he could depart, however, the Mandates launched an ambush. Their vehicle was blown apart and Callus himself was knocked out and seized by the Mandate troops.

Easter Egg

Name and appearance both taken from a character from the Winter is Coming RP, Sir Callus Morrigen, Hedge-knight and later Kingsguard.


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