Dnys Glaive

Mandate, Ice Cold Murderess


The broadcast cut out and, after a few seconds of static, resumed. A particularly stern faced woman with bright orange hair and cold green eyes, her neatly pressed dark black and red uniform studded with medals, spoke.

“Citizens of Never-Look-Back. Do not fear. This planet is now under the protection of the Mandate. Do not resist.”

Broadcast by Lady Dnys Glaive to the planet of Never-Look-Back.

Commander of the Mandate 3rd Fleet.

Controls the Titan Colossus.

She has bright orange hair, kept tightly wrapped in a braid, green eyes, and stands at 2.3 meters of height. She wears a neatly pressed gray and red uniform of the Mandate Navy.

Is one of the Mandate Lords.

She presided over the Mandate occupation of Never-Look-Back.


Dnys Glaive

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