Hanz Yo'Akin

Family "Father", Leader of a Brotherhood


The Our’ethan Leader of the Yo’Akin brotherhood, he stands at about 1,95 tall with shoulder length blonde hair. While actually in his late 60s, he looks to be in his twenties.

From time to time he teaches Ourak casting to Ahn’zt members, taking on a personal apprentice as well. This technically makes him an Ourowin – if only recognized by the Ahn’zt as such.

He was the former Inside contact for Orin Raith for the crime conglomerate known as the Ahn’zt Hae Senn. The two didn’t work together for years before more or less accidentally stumbling into one another recently.

As he is a professional spy and an assassin, he is always willing to trade for information or favors, and has recently made a new deal with Orin and his crew.


Hanz Yo'Akin

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