Hem Kadwyn

Major of the Sixth Legion, Third Troop, Imperial Dragoons, Knight of the Order of Steel


Hem Kadwyn, now a legitimate member of House Kadwyn, serves with the Imperial Dragoons. Hem has been serving in the Army ever since he was a squire under Baron Geromy, a steadfast ally and vassal to House Kadwyn, when Geromy was still in the Imperial Dragoons. Geromy has since retired from his service, but Hem is now a Major in the same regiment. He achieved knighthood when he was 20, and is now in his mid thirties. He spent most of his childhood before becoming a squire with Theodat Kadwyn in his home planet. That is where they became friends, and still are as Hem returns from another tour in the badlands, from a war with Traxos that has been going on long before Hem was ever born.

Hem is part of a group of war veterans and officers that are attempting to return the Empire to the old days of glory, known as the Old Empire, although him and his associates haven’t been able to do anything about it. In peacetime, and when he is in his ceremonial officer outfit, he always wears a steel sword on his left side, which distinguishes him as a Knight of the Order of Steel, one of the main advocates of the Old Empire. He certainly has critics in the Army, and they say that Hem is caught up in his own dream world, trying to be some sort of God among the men and women that are in his Legion. Hem is an idealist, and does not agree with the pragmatists that are in the army, since he believes that honor and integrity must come first before any sort of cunning move. The man is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and pilots with ease, although has difficulty in the planning room in specific, working with the other officers on a battle plan. His major flaw is that he relies too much on the cooperation of the enemy, as his Colonel says.


Imperial Dragoons
The men and women that serve in the Imperial Dragoons are best used when it comes to local planet fights, rather then the great deep space battles. The Dragoons, pilots of lighting fast planes that are also trained to fight with rifles and machine guns, as well as with plasma swords. They pilot small and maneuverable warships, meant to be parked in small and narrow places.

Fourth Regiment
This is the Regiment that Sir Hem serves under. His direct senior officer is Countess Lex, the Grandmaster of his knightly order.

Sixth Legion (This is the Legion Hem indirectly controls, as a Major)
As a dragoon unit, they are nearly useless during these deep space battles, between massive mother ships and hoards of other battleships, that try and blow each other up with cunning plans and lots of ammunition. Hem is used in the planetary conflicts, which are fought in the planets atmosphere, or sometimes even on the ground.

Third Troop (Under Hem’s direct control)
One of the four different “troops” in the Sixth Legion, this is the one under Hem’s personal control. The soldiers in this troop are loyal to Hem, and would go to hell and back with him, although they are not a disciplined bunch. They are as pompous as their commander, and are difficult to control.

Hem Kadwyn

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