Jake Takahari

Warden, Formidable Warrior


1.78 meters in height, Japanese.

Jake Takahari is an accomplished Warden, leader, and tactician. A citizen of Earth, he was kidnapped by Mandate agents at the age of 24.

He left behind his wife, who was two months pregnant with Ricardo.


A CIA analyst, Jake was “disappeared” by Mandate agents after inadvertently stumbling onto evidence of their activities on Earth.

He woke up in the brig of the Mandate Heavy Cruiser Victory, finding himself in the company of Marisei Za’Nell and Zaith Da’Havelza. After wary introductions, a Mandate officer, Tehn Man’Dar, entered the cell and had Jake taken to an interrogation room. After some torture to attempt to determine what Jake knew, he was thrown back into the cell. Jake conspired with Marisei and Zaith to escape the vessel. The trio would carry out a daring escape, stealing a Vulture class light picket and fleeing to the planet of Arkanne, where they holed up in an old Warden safehouse in the slums of Arkanne’s capital city.

Jake was desperate to get back home to his wife and child. Realizing he could not get back home on his own, he, after some convincing by Marisei, decided to seek out the Wardens for aid.

Jake Takahari

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