Kade Valery


At five feet, eight inches, Kade is of average height, though she weighs a little more than most, giving her a curvy appearance. Her hair is extremely curly, and is entirely white, her skin, in contrast, is so dark brown that it appears black at first glance. Her eyes are yellow-gold.

She is most often seen in black jeans and boots, and a cream-colored or gold tank top, with her hair tied back with a white something (sometimes it’s a ribbon, sometimes a hair band, sometimes a handkerchief).

While she isn’t a very fast runner, she is strong, and her stamina is to be envied.

As a person, she is often bright, bubbly, and happy. She is very loyal to her friends and loved ones. Her morals are questionable at best and nonexistent at worst; she wouldn’t think twice about poisoning someone or just stabbing them, if she had a solid reason they needed to die. The one thing she would never do would be to betray someone; she sees friendship as the best thing you can possibly have. Because of this, she is very selective about those she chooses to become good friends with, as she knows that not everyone shares this view.

When threatened, she gets rid of whatever is scaring her without even thinking about it.

Twin brother: Ezrin Valery. She recently discovered that he exists.

Character dev. through RP has determined that she is:
– Vegetarian (meat makes her feel sick).
– From a very isolated planet called Chai.
– A very skilled assassin.
– Left-handed.
– Has no concept of why anyone would get married.
– Does not really get money, either.
– Will drink and do drugs on group missions, and prefers groups missions to going solo.
– Will not ever go for a frontal assault if she can sneak around the problem or go at it from the side.
– Nearly lost her leg to a Thyrit several years ago.
– Is around 28?
– Has a scar on her right cheek, from the corner of her mouth to the top of her cheekbone.

(Tbh, she looks so weird I couldn’t find a picture of her. Pretend her hair is longer and get over it.)

Kade’s Inventory


She came from a very matriarchal society, and is still getting used to men being more than just servants, despite being a warden for several years.

Kade Valery

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