Kumis Aigul

Drr'athan, Antian


Kumis is a stocky and big-bellied man, with much more prominent Drr’athan features than most. He has a messy beard and unkempt black hair, which is a tribute to his home planet, Bator.

Ex-shepherd, he was picked up by Orin Raith to be a apprentice of the Wardens.

Kumis’ Inventory


A man that lived his life like a dream, he smoked and drank during most of his downtime. Although, he has quite the shot with the rifle, and can use his stocky frame to be quite the fighter. His first leap out of his comfortable life was with his conscription to the Imperial Army. He knew that he was going to be forced to serve, so he volunteered a day before the actual recruiters came to his planet. He was made a guard, making sure that the prisoners of war successfully went from the battle-zone to a maximum-security prison smoothly, and was also a guard aboard several Antian vessels, maintaining military discipline. This is when he met Raith, and the adventure really started.

Since Orin has effectively died, he is doing his own thing aboard the ship Shadow, with the rest of the crew.

He is still loyal to the Empire, although fears he may never see the country he loves ever again, but thanks to Aztar, is now heading there with the crew.

Recently, he has been chosen by the Goddess Aztar on a special mission regarding casting.

Kumis Aigul

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