Orin Raith

Warden, Totally Not An Addict


Physical Appearance: 1.70 meters of height, pale skin, white hair, cut short.

Has talent for stealth oriented wards, underwent Ourak training.

Member of the Wardens.

The Antian MIssion

Orin was working incognito aboard the Antian prison barge Oblivion Herald which was transporting prisoners from Antia. He engineered a failure in the Oblivion Herald’s navigation systems in the Adaira system, with the intent of infiltrating a secret Antian base in-system.

The Oblivion Herald broke down in system, nearly evaporating as its core overheated. Orin tricked his fellow crew member, Kumis Algul, into boarding the Antian base with him, claiming it was a smuggler base. Upon entering, they discovered that the bulk of the station’s inhabitants had been slaughtered, messily.

After further exploring, they realized they were not alone. The station has been doing research on live Qzin specimens, which had escaped and slaughtered all of the inhabitants. Orin and Kumis battled off waves of angry Qzin, retreating back to their ship. Using scavenged parts from the station’s control room, they managed to repair their ship’s communication systems. They broadcasted a distress message to Adaira, hoping for aid. Instead, they drew the attention of a Qzin war fleet which had just arrived in system. The Oblivion Herald was sliced in two, the half which contained the bridge, and Orin and Kumis, crashing onto the planet below.

When Orin woke up, he was in an Antian field hospital and had discovered that he had just been drafted. Adaira was under siege – the Qzin warfleet bombarding the major cities and sending down hordes of warriors. He and Kumis were forced to fight in the battle, eventually getting dragged into a suicide mission to liberate the Omega Missile Array. The only survivors of the company that assaulted the Array, they had to fight a Qzin Warlord, nearly losing the battle and getting horribly injured. After activating the Array, the Qzin ships above the city were driven away, and the Antians, and Raith, got a brief respite.

Fleeing Adaira

Orin and Kumis woke up in the medical suite of the Citadel, a secret Antian research base buried under the Teras Mountain Range. There, they were interviewed by General Arte Dest, who was in charge of Antian ground forces. Orin made his move during the private conversation with Dest, killing him with a shot to the face and then eliminating nearby guards. Dragging Kumis along, he then stole a heavily modified Antian Light Cruiser. They blew their way out of the base, escaped the planet, and left the system. Orin used deception, lying outright about the nature of the Antian Empire, in an attempt to recruit Kumis to join the Wardens.

Wayfarer’s Rest

Orin revealed his true affiliation to Kumis aboard their new vessel, now dubbed Shadow. The duo stopped off at the trading station Wayfarer’s Rest, to pick up supplies and gain information. Orin sneaked into a trade broker’s office with the intent of gaining access to trade ledgers. His attempt to threaten the trade broker into handing over a copy of his ledger failed and he found himself held at gunpoint by both the trade broker and his half-Qzin bodyguard. The situation rapidly deteriorated – both the trade broker and his bodyguard were killed. The station went on lock down and was then attacked by a Qzin fleet. In the violence and destruction that followed, Orin discovered that there was a humanoid caster amongst the Qzin ranks, someone incredibly powerful. Upon further probing, he discovered the caster to be none other than Marisei Za’Nell, a fellow Warden who had disappeared on a mission in Qzin space. With Wayfarer’s Rest disintegrating around them, Orin and Kumis fled the system.


Orin and Kumis eventually headed to the planet of Never-Look-Back, contacting a hardened ex-mercenary named Callus who owned a homestead on planet. Orin, with Callus’ help, had a message sent by courier to the Warden leadership informing them about his discoveries in Wayfarer’s Rest.

Orin was watching the news when the Mandate battle fleet under the command of Admiral Dnys Glaive arrived in system and descended upon the capital of Never-Look-Back, Osk√°sh, where Callus had just sent the message from. He then received a call from Callus asking for aid with an exfiltration. He and Kumis drove into the city, barely bluffing their way past the Mandate security checkpoint, and headed to a shady bar in a particularly poor and filthy part of the city where they met up with Callus.

They were not in the clear, unfortunately. The Mandates had chosen to follow the duo, and launched an ambush. Orin was badly injured in the short battle that took place afterward. His vehicle was blown apart by a grenade and the shockwave smashed him into a wall. He and his companions were then seized by the Mandate for interrogation

The Titan

Orin and company languished in the prison block of the massive Mandate Titan orbiting Never-Look-Back for roughly 11 days.


Orin Raith

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