Zaith Da'Havelza

Shady warder


Physical Appearance: Gold skin, electric blue eyes, and crimson hair. 1.83 meters of height. 44 biological years of age.

Zaith is jaded, willing to do just about anything if the price is right. He often feigns complete and total incompetence in field of casting. When he wants to be, he can be incredibly competent.

Although he denies having any Ourak training, a careful observer can note traces of what seem to be Ourak influence.

Information from an IPSA Prisoner File: History of recidivism and antisocial behavior. Was seized in a Junction brothel. Blood tests and physiological examination by arresting officer suggested ingestion of multiple chemical substances. Subject believed to be chronic user of aforementioned chemical substances, due to his startling amount of resistance to arrest. Injuries among arresting officers included: fractured skull, broken fingers, cracked ribs, bite-marks, and psychological trauma. The latter was suffered by a young recruit who was left alone in room with restrained subject. Commanding officer returned to find recruit sobbing and slouched against a wall. Subject has openly described self as a mercenary. Subject has comported self as a fairly useless and incompentent warder. This is believed to be by the interrogating officers a falsehood, due to the sheer mayhem brought about by the subject. . Subject, while under interrogation, stated that he had had no formal training. This was held by the interrogator to be a falsehood, but was not pressed. Involved in a variety of schemes. Gun-running, smuggling, violation of numerous ISPA laws and those of member nations, theft of Mandate property, breach of Qzin space, and part and only survivor of a highly illegal run into the space of the Etress Remnant.



Zaith Da'Havelza

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