Zillian Tranos

Enigmatic leader of the Wardens


Physical Appearance: 1.96 meters in height. Long yellow hair. Light brown skin, covered in swirling tattoos.


Zillian Tranos was the commander of the Wardens during the War for Mandate Containment, the last of the Mandate Wars). She was a highly capable leader and tactician, who reversed potential defeats into victories at the Arabato, Neomey, and Antaeus systems. She took personal command of IPSA forces at the battle of Bastion after Admiral Hewat was killed.

After the Mandates subsumed the Inter-Stellar Planetary Authority, the Wardens were disbanded. Zillian and her few surviving followers left ISPA space, determined to oppose the Mandates in whatever way they could. Zillian would ultimately place herself in stasis, with orders to only be awoken when absolutely necessary.

Zillian Tranos

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