Into Oblivion

Book the Second - "The Warden and The Dwarf"

Orin and Kumis wake up in the medical ward of an Antian military base in the Teras Mountain Range.

Initially given a hero’s reception, Orin and Kumis are brought to speak with General Arte Dest regarding their presence on the planet. Orin then launches his escape attempt, killing General Dest, stealing his pass-key, and then appropriating a Antian stealth ship. Kumis is dragged along with him.

After a hectic period spent dodging Antian fighter craft, Orin and Kumis flee the system.

A Growing Darkness
Book the First - "The Boy And The Smuggler"

Zaith speaks to Elorion about his recurring nightmares – confessing that he is being contacted by some strange and perverted magical force, one that is inextricably connected to Marisei Za’Nell, his past love who vanished during a Warden mission into Qzin space.

Believing her to be dead, Zaith now strongly suspects that her fate was something far worse – and has enlisted Elorion to help him discover what exactly has happened to her.

A New Mission
Book the First - "The Boy And The Smuggler"

The Mercurial Lady is en route to Tarentian – a high risk but equally high value planet.

Malcolm has become increasingly withdrawn and surly, spending the bulk of his time in his personal quarters.

Tension grows between Aderyn and Elorion as Aderyn openly shares her misgivings about having Elorion on her ship.

Zaith detects a fault in the warp wards, one that Aderyn believes to have been caused by sabotage. Her suspicions are confirmed when the ship picks up a Mandate picket closing on their position.

Zaith surprises everyone by suddenly becoming competent and destroying the Mandate vessel.

Into The Fire....
Book the Second - "The Warden and The Dwarf"

Orin and Kumis are revived at an Antian field hospital to the sound of super-sonic booms and artillery fire. Adaira is being invaded….by Qzin, an unprecedented occurrence.

The city itself burns, the Antian defense cordon is failing, and Qzin warships are pulverizing entire sections of the city as hordes of their warriors fall upon every human in their path.

In desperate need of soldiers, the Antian command assigns Orin and Kumis to the rather accurately named “Last Company,” a military unit stitched together from the remnants of the Antian defense forces.

They are assigned a suicide mission – to break through Qzin lines and take control of the Omega Defense Array, and through it, buy enough time for civilian transports to flee the planet.

The battle is bloody. Orin and Kumis are the only two to make it into the actual Array, and are both terribly injured after facing off against a Qzin warchief.

However, they manage to trigger the Array, creating a gap in the Qzin assault that is exploited by civilian transports.

Battered and broken, our heroes are taken to the Citadel, a highly fortified Antian base located under the Teras Mountain Range.

Out of the Frying Pan....
Book the Second - "The Warden and the Dwarf"

On board the station, Orin and Kumis find scenes of horrific slaughter. The research base’s inhabitants had been torn apart. Weapon-fire is spattered across bulk-heads, half-melted metal and shrapnel mixed in with the thick layer of blood coating the floor.

Venturing deeper into the station and reaching the central command room, Kumis discovers that the station they were on was no smuggler’s nest, but an Antian research base.

While Orin struggles to rip secrets out of the shattered computers of the command room, Kumis discovers exactly what the Antian base was researching: live Qzin specimens.

The Qzin had escaped, and torn apart the researchers and station staff.

Attacks by the Qzin result in Orin and Kumis beating a hasty retreat, fighting off waves of the insectoid aliens.

The duo retreat back to the Oblivion Herald with their arms full of scavenged parts. Managing to get sub-light thrusters working, they blast away from the station and towards the planet of Adaira.

In the process, they draw the attention of a fleet of alien vessels that has just jumped in system.

The Oblivion Herald is shredded by the aliens’ assault, the forward-half, including the bridge, crash landing on Adaira.

Before our intrepid and quite battered duo sink into the soft embrace of unconsciousness, they see the alien vessels descending on the planet – carrying out what seems to be an all-out invasion.

Stopover at Azart
Book the First - "The Boy And The Smuggler"

Ricardo, now going by Malcolm, and Aderyn travel to the planet of Azart. There, Malcolm meets Aderyn’s one-man support team, the quirky warder Luazars.

The Oura Elorion Savrelo, much to Aderyn’s annoyance, practically forces her way onto Mercurial Lady, desiring to see more of the world outside her noble and protected upbringing.

Zaith Da’Havelza, the seemingly incompetent warder who caused the whole mess with Malcolm and Aderyn in the first place, is dragged high out of his mind from a seedy dive by Aderyn back to her vessel.

Book the Second: "The Warden and the Dwarf"

The Imperial Prison Barge Oblivion Herald has one of of the most boring tasks ever devised: shipping prisoners of war to Lockdown, a large space station and prison somewhere in the Empire’s heart.

Private Kumis Aigul longs for something to spice up the daily drudgery, worsened in part because the vessel’s previous crew forgot to update the pornography database.

He gets his wish when the ship undergoes a catastrophic warding fault, caused by Orin Raith, currently masquerading as a Lieutenant Lars Volko. The Oblivion Herald, its systems critical, and its warp wards torn apart, comes to an abrupt halt in the outskirts of a border system of Adaira, home to a frontier planet of the same name.

Things go from bad to worse when a seemingly innocent space station that Orin manipulates Kumis into boarding with him in the hopes of affecting repairs turns out to be far more than what it seems.

And so begins Book the Second.

A New World
Book the First "The Boy And The Smuggler"

Ricardo Takahari, a high school junior in New Mexico, was primarily concerned with APs, doing well on his finals, and perhaps impressing his crush,Cindy Harrison. He got the shock of a life-time when he woke up in the hold of The Mercurial Lady, a smuggling vessel captained and piloted by Aderyn Tetas.

Aderyn gave the shell-shocked and thoroughly bewildered Ricardo a brief introduction to the dynamics of the universe he had now discovered, informing him about warding and the political make-up of the galaxy.

After Ricardo found out that his presence on the ship was an accident, a mistake, that a warder Aderyn had hired to cast a transport ward had done something wrong, he went into a sullen fit, locking himself away.

And so begins Book the First.

How will Aderyn fare now that she has to deal with a naive and sulking teenager in addition to the various dangers of her smuggling lifestyle?


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