Tag: Warden


  • Zillian Tranos

    Zillian Tranos was the commander of the [[Wardens | Wardens]] during the War for Mandate Containment, the last of the [[Mandate Wars | Mandate Wars]]). She was a highly capable leader and tactician, who reversed potential defeats into victories at the …

  • Jake Takahari

    A CIA analyst, Jake was "disappeared" by [[Mandate | Mandate]] agents after inadvertently stumbling onto evidence of their activities on Earth. He woke up in the brig of the Mandate Heavy Cruiser _Victory_, finding himself in the company of [[: …

  • Kade Valery

    She came from a very matriarchal society, and is still getting used to men being more than just servants, despite being a [[Wardens | warden]] for several years.