Book the First - "The Boy and The Smuggler"

On Earth, the year is 2015 and a teenager has just gone missing. Something went awry during a highly dangerous smuggling mission, and now the captain of the Mercurial Lady has to deal not only with the internal corruption of the Inter Stellar Planetary Authority, her own illegal activities that are her only means of survival, various and sundry risks to her life that come with the job, but also a teenage boy, bored, irritated and above all, naive when it comes to the socio-political realities of her world. Soon after, it turns out that the person responsible for the mishap may be more than meets the eye and a rich rebellious magic worker practically forces her way onto the Mercurial Lady.

The main cast so far consists of:

Zaith Da’Havelza – an unreliable, sometimes dangerous warder who is responsible for the accidental kidnapping of Malcolm from Earth.

Ricardo Takahari (Malcolm) – Teenager from New Mexico. Was inadvertently kidnapped by Aderyn Tetas due to a badly constructed ward belonging to Zaith.

Aderyn Tetas – pilot and captain of the Mercurial Lady.

Elorion Savrelo – A highly trained warder who, after deciding she had had enough of her sheltered life, opted for a greatly and mistakenly romanticized life of “adventure,” and insisted that Aderyn allow her to work on the Mercurial Lady.

Book the First - "The Boy and The Smuggler"

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