Book the Third - "The Duke and the Knight"

Intrigue, bribery, and violence. Politics within the Antian Empire is never easy. The Emerald League coalition within the Council of Nobles seeks to gain power at the expense of the Empire, and the Conservatives seek to give up precious gains against the Traxos Trade Confederacy. The Antian Empire decays from within as a new alien foe rampages through the Quadrant and the hated Mandate look at the Empire with acquisitive eyes..

Duke Theodat Kadwyn, head of a powerful noble house, and his cousin Sir Hem, newly returned from a term of service in the seemingly endless war with the Traxos Trade Confederacy, must work together to awaken the Emperor Xylus in hopes that this savior of the Empire can once again put everything to rights.

Main Cast:

Theodat Kadwyn – Duke of Lower Gredis. A veteran of politics, he has seen the Empire gradually decay from the inside out. With the Mandate making moves right outside the Quadrant and a new foe slaughtering every human in their path, the Empire wavers on the edge of total annihilation. Theodat must awaken the only person who can save the Empire, Xylus, or die trying.

Hem Kadwyn – cousin to Duke Theodat, born of one of Theodat’s father’s concubines. Newly returned from a term of service in the war against the hated Traxos Trade Confederacy, he has no qualms against aiding his cousin against all enemies of the Empire, within or without.

Book the Third - "The Duke and the Knight"

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