Elthea's Call

The planet of Elthea was brutally savaged during the last of the Mandate Wars. Labeled a Forbidden Planet by the Inter-Stellar Planetary Authority, the system remains bereft of any settlement, the wreckage of war fleets orbiting the planet and dotting its surface.

Daven Fosko, a light freighter captain, resigned himself to a life in debt. His ship, the Larissa, needed repairs. The fences through which he obtained his daughter’s life-saving medication had tripled their prices. And his local Merchant’s Guild had increased the interest on his loans.

You can understand why he would chose to take an offer from a shadowy figure that seemed too good to be true: All he had to do was to illegally enter a forbidden system, board one of the wrecks, steal an odd bundle of metal and wires, and hand it over to his contact at a predetermined time and place. In exchange, he would receive enough money to erase his debt and purchase a new life for himself and his daughter.

Easy, right? Now let’s throw in the Elite Stellar Planetary Enforcement, a group of supposed terrorists who seek to overthrow the tyranny in control of the ISPA, and organized crime.

Elthea's Call

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