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Into Oblivion is set in a galaxy where space travel by a very humanoid group of species is facilitated by magic, called casting or warding.

The year is 3052, post-reformation.

The work is sub-divided into a series of “books” all representing individual story lines within the universe.

Book the First “The Boy and The Smuggler”

Book the First is set primarily within the Inter-Stellar Planetary Authority, a purportedly democratic alliance of free planets. In reality, much of the ISPA’s democracy is a sham – the tyrannical Mandate, who subsumed the ISPA from within over a thousand years ago, rule with an iron fist.

Book the Second – “The Warden and the Dwarf”

Book the Second is set primarily in the Unaffiliated Realms – a catchall term for the various settled planets and stellar nations that are not part of the ISPA. It follows Kumis Aigul, an Antian prison barge pilot dragged into a fight far far above his pay grade by a Warden, a member of a group of freedom fighters devoted to restoring the ISPA and fighting the Mandate wherever possible.

Book the Third – “A Duke and a Knight”

Book the Third is set in the Antian Empire, a fairly large – for an Unaffiliated Realms polity – nation in the Antian Sector and follows two noblemen as they struggle to contain the fallout of political feuding, dangerous plots, and an invasion by both the Mandate and an alien species.

Book of Assorted Tales – WIP

Elthea’s Call


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