The Beacon at the Galaxy’s Heart

The Inter-Stellar Planetary Authority – a massive nation built upon principles of democracy and representation and ruled by democratically elected representatives, now riddled with graft and corruption at the hands of the Mandate and special interests.

ISPA Member States

Serona – an ancient and proud ISPA member state with dreams of regaining its lost power and status

The Mandate – a technologically advanced and hyper militaristic civilization guided by the need to dominate and control. Unable to defeat the ISPA in a direct confrontation, it subsumed it from within.

Grados IV – Mandate vassal state that provides troops and ships for the ESPE

Nations of the Unaffiliated Realms

The Antian Sector

Antian Empire – an oligarchy turned constitutional monarchy with a painful and fragmented past.

Traxos Trade Confederacy – a heavily secular and business oriented conglomerate.

The Lucian Authority – an Etre’al technocracy that borders closely to the Antian Empire.

The Sarkell Sector

The Sarkell Republic – Six system human republic that borders the Antian Empire.

Nations of the Verge


Beyond the Verge
New Akanthos


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