Every ship captain who intends to travel beyond the reaches of her solar system needs a support team, composed of casters, who specially ward her vessel based on where she is travelling.

Every new mission requires some specific tweaks to a ship’s warp wards and almost every captain has a specific home base of operations that she frequents to get her ship’s wards tweaked.

Thus, for most space-farers, every journey begins and ends with their base of operations.

For example, one of the great charter ships of the Middle Colonies, which carry thousands of passengers on their incredibly long trips might travel in a massive circle, from System A, to System B, to System C, to System D, etc…to System M, back to System A, all the while picking up and dropping off travelers.

Keeping multiple support teams is prohibitively expensive, and thus, quite rare. However, some incredibly wealthy individuals, typically either government officials or high ranking members of the wealthiest merchant guilds, and most fleets of war have access to networks of dedicated warders, enabling them to change their trips upon stops.

Additionally, support teams can spread their work among multiple vessels. For large fleets, it is not uncommon for their to be a 1:4 ratio of support teams to ships.


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