One of the main disciplines of casting, Ourak consists of the the academic disciplines and study of warding/casting. Ourak is the only technique of warding that is recognized and recorded. While many folk methods of warding exist, in Ourak circles, and by now in most circles, Ourak is considered far superior though it is not necessarily. Ourak evolved as a methodical way of studying and learning warding, as well as simplifying and combining wardings and removing certain intricacies. The combination of all of these enabled Ourak practitioners with talent to cast more powerful single-effect spells. Ourak arose or was created (there is some debate on the subject) roughly 50 thousand years ago.

Three main classes of practitioners exist, here listed in order of most to least common:


Ourowin are far less common than the other two and tend to also be Oura.

Ourak is taught in the Echelonics


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