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Because navigating the wiki can be a bit daunting, the primer exists as a guide of sorts, and contains information that is absolutely IMPERATIVE for any member to know.

A Brief History

In Into Oblivion, as stated before, space travel is facilitated by a type of magic called casting or warding.

Starting a good long while ago, humanoid mammalian species from Ouros used a specific version of this type of magic, called Ourak, to spread out and start colonizing the galaxy. This process became known as the Great Diaspora.

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Over time, the colonies grew in strength and many began to band together. Some of the oldest and closest to Ouros formed the Inter-Stellar Planetary Authority, a massive democratic institution built on the ideals of liberty, representation, and free trade.

Many other settled planets, however, did not join the ISPA. The area of space that they occupied became known as the Unaffiliated Realms.

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