Shadow was a heavily modified stealth vessel stolen from an Imperial research lab in Adaira by Orin Raith and Kumis Algul. Destroyed during their escape from Never-Look-Back.

It was developed for use in long-term espionage operations, and so, was equipped with the requisite gear. On board can be found a variety of disguises, two small prison cells, a highly advanced medical suite, and two armories.

The ship’s bridge possesses six seats, including the Warder chair.

There are five crew cabins, a recreation room, and a well-stocked auto-galley.

The Captain’s cabin is twice the size of the crew cabins, and has a variety of luxury amenities including Seuden-2 carpeting, and Antian wall tapestries.

Shadow’s wards reflect her espionage oriented nature, with heavily invested stealth oriented wards.


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