Survival First Then Actually Getting Along

A highly advanced spacecraft given to Kumis by the goddess Aztar and is the only known one of its kind in the galaxy.

Size: L x W x H = 90 × 50 × 25 meters

Wards: Unique ward system that Corde is capable of interacting with and controlling.

The Survival First possesses wards that allow it to open holes in the fabric of space-time and cross massive distances at a much faster rate than a ship with normal warp wards.


Several unfurnished rooms, two furnished cabins with cots.

Three storage bays, two large, one medium.

Commons possesses a table, chairs, and a kitchen. The pantry is stocked with MREs and coffee.

The bridge possesses six seats and a holoprojector.

The Core Chamber possesses a “Core spark” -a glowing orb of light encased within a translucent prism.

Survival First Then Actually Getting Along

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