The Inter-Stellar Planetary Authority


A purportedly democratic nation consisting of several hundred member states of varying power and sizes.

In reality, it is ruled by a junta consisting of the Mandate, a tyrannical and highly advanced ISPA member state, interstellar megacorporations, and the upper classes of the ISPA.

Is the single largest and most powerful space nation in the known galaxy whose ambit extends well beyond its nominal borders.


The ISPA was originally created to regulate trade, make standards the same and reasonable and safe, help prevent armed conflicts, and in case of drastic events, help control and evacuate.

It was controlled by a council with representatives from each member planet and one overall representative for each star system. They were all elected officials with terms of 50 years.

A thousand years previously, the ISPA became involved in its first war. Its member planets banded together against a hyper-militaristic human civilization, the Mandate. The war was difficult and costly, but due to the ISPA’s size, victory was assured.

The Treaty of Viana saw the Mandate capitulation and entry into the ISPA. Over the next half-century, through a mixture of bribery and subtle use of force, the Mandates managed to push the upper classes to support them. This would result in the creation of a special Executive Council, composed only of Mandates. At this point, Mandate control over ISPA regulations became complete.


The Inter-Stellar Planetary Authority

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