A group once affiliated with the ISPA that concerned itself with the ISPA’s internal and external stability.

Wardens, on paper, could act as ambassadors, broker peace agreements, launch good-will trips, and observe major happenings. Off the books, however, they were not above engaging in some unscrupulous tampering if they felt it would be in the best interests of the ISPA or in support of ISPA ideals.

The Wardens were fairly important in the early ISPA, but during the Mandate Wars, were nearly wiped out. They played major roles in the War for Mandate Containment, and by the end of the Mandate Wars, had been reduced from several thousand to just under a dozen.

The Wardens as an organization would never recover from their casualties, and after the Mandate subsumation of the ISPA, would be officially disbanded. However, the remaining Wardens would go underground, devoting themselves to acting against Mandate interests. Some important Wardens, both past and present, include: Marisei Za’Nell. Jake Takahari. Zillian Tranos. and Orin Raith.

Wardens are ranked by tiers.

Tier 1: There are only 13 Tier 1 Wardens, they form the Circle – which leads the organization.
Tier 2: Wardens who have been established for more than 5 years
Tier 3: Warden Initiates. All newcomers are ranked at Tier 3.


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