Warding and Casting

Warding or Casting – the practices, art, and lore of the castings and rituals which protect ships, enable certain kinds of travel, architecture, and living.

Some of the most commonly used wards are shield wards, transport wards – which facilitate loading on certain planets (these tend to be less commonly used, more difficult, and more expensive for craft operators than the other kinds of commonly used wards), and warp wards (enable craft to cross greater distances faster and compensate for the difference in time due to travel close to the speed of light).

Other types of wards include disguise, detection, and hiding wards.

List of Wards


The most ubiquitous and advanced form of casting is Ourak. (If you want more than a ice-cube’s chance in hell of understanding the below, please read this link first).

Relic casting is a term used for outdated and usually not as effective systems of casting.

Weather casting refers to the system of spells used in the Old ISPA to stabilize the environments of planets. After the Mandate takeover, weather casting was discontinued and much knowledge of it was lost.

Antian Casting


Warding uses a combination of rituals, Ourak circles (one of the methods of ourak casting which utilizes circles inscribed with runes), runic casting (casting using any of the methods of inscribing, drawing, creating, or even tracing in air, of runes), ritual casting (the utilization of specific rituals which sometimes involve runes), and spells (spoken warding using words and power.)

Warding can be learned and must be studied at least somewhat; however, to be a good warder without Ourak training you must have innate talent. Innate talent is required to be an Oura as well.

While some families are famous as masters of Ourak and often have members who are skilled in warding, there are just as many talented warders who are born to non-warders and in non-warder families. Most of the latter never have a chance to become Oura and may not even discover their powers. Others realize they have powers and seek out knowledge and training anywhere they can find it, all the while practicing and learning from their abilities.

Often when warding first manifests, it will be accidentally causing an object to levitate, channeling power and accidentally turning someone invisible for a second, or other such things.

Many warders get some physical mark to reflect that they have awakened, especially if they are from an upper-class family where it is expected that they will awaken. These typically get either tiny purified indigo tattoos or bleach their hair and dye the tips. Lower class warders, typically without the means to study ourak ( warders) will get piercings.

Most Ourak casters would be highly offended if called warders, though they are.


Relic Casting

Warding and Casting

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