Antian Empire

The Antian Empire is a fairly large star nation, controlling roughly 50 star systems. It is led by the Emperor Theodat I Kadwyn and has been fighting the Traxos Trade Confederacy off and on for the last 100 years. Members of the Antian Empire are referred to by their neighbors as Imperials or Antians.

It is rare in that it is one of the few nations to have achieved a near technological parity with the Mandate.


The Executive Branch:
The current Emperor is Theodat I Kadwyn, successor to Xylus.

Emperor Theodat is the Chief Executive, Head of State, and Commander in Chief of the armed forces. He composes the Executive branch of Antian Government.

The Imperial Conclave – which manages government services, consists of:

1) the Emperor (presiding) – Theodat I Kadwyn
2) the Lord Protector ( a noble who is elected to the position by a majority vote in the Council of Nobles) – Open
3) Various advisers
Baron Gertrod of Rhadal – Lord of the Treasury

The Legislative Branch:

Imperial Senate – Senators are democratically elected from every Imperial system and serve 10 year terms.

The Council of Nobles – where the various Dukes, Counts, and Barons who own estates throughout the Empire congregate.

Both the Imperial Senate and the Council of Nobles have the ability to vote against the resolutions of the other. The Emperor also has the ability to veto as well as introduce legislation.

The Priests:

The Imperial High Temple – consisting of 5 High Priests.

High Priests are appointed by the Emperor or the Lord Protector, and also make up the Judicial Branch of the Empire. The priest that is the formal tiebreaker is the de-facto head of the Priesthood.

Numerous local priests serve at temples across the Empire, transmitting the prayers and pleas of the various peoples back to the capital.


Governance varies from planet to planet. The most developed planets are ruled by Factors, democratically elected governors who serve 10 year terms. Other planets, such as Bator are primarily ruled by local nobility.

There is an extensive system of nobility which includes titles such as Duke, Count, Baron, and Knight. Possessors of the first three generally own estates on various planets and sit in the Council of Nobles.

Knight is a title that is primarily prestigious, does not include any estates, and is given by the Emperor to individuals who have served the Empire well. Recipients typically include members of the military who went above and beyond the call of duty.


Marriage is recognized between two individuals only. Concubines are allowed as well, but children of concubines have a bastard status and do not inherit unless there are extenuating circumstances.

For the most part, Antian culture is socially conservative. Nobles are held to a much higher standard than commoners, and are expected to serve as examples to those they lead.

Low Imperial is spoken in the streets and almost every major trading center within the Empire. The Drr’athan in the Empire have their own native tongue, as well as a few other Etre’al groups, usually immigrants from the ISPA. Each major planet or system usually has a distinct dialect and/or accent associated with them, from the humans long before the Empire came into existence. Although Low Imperial is similar enough across the Empire that Antians can all speak to each other quite easily. High Imperial is the language studied by the priests and nobility. It is the only language allowed to be used in a religious courtroom, and all decrees made by any ruling noble must be written in this language. It was the language spoken by Xylus and his earliest followers, and has remained untouched for centuries. The origin of the language is unknown.

Antian Empire

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