Basic Description

Non-Military/Government Population: 0-???
Occupants: The Imperial Office of Domestic Affairs forbids civilian settlement of this planet due to lethal amounts of radioactive material in the atmosphere and soil. Any reports or signs of Antian citizens on Bator without official clearance are not recognized by His Imperial Majesty’s Government and should be reported to proper authorities immediately.
Environment: Barren. Soil unsuited for any sort of cultivation. Water too toxic for consumption.
Exports: Nothing

Illegal Activity
Scavengers sometimes visit Bator in search of artifacts and ruined weaponry from the Mandate Invasion. These sorts are very rare, however, as the radioactive resistant gear needed to even make it onto Bator are far too expensive for the common man.

Government Activity
Government scientists and military officials are said to work in radioactive resistant facilities on land and even underwater, studying the effects of radiation on planets as well as figuring out ways to make Bator hospitable once again.


Basic Description

Population: 30-40 million
Occupants: Drr’athan of the Antian Empire, tiny minority of Etre’al.
Environment: Bator has a single Pangea-like super continent, which is just a massive expanse of grazing and grassland. Massive lakes dot the planet, and are a source of generational conflict between the clans.
Exports: Tra’drn meat, fur and hide, as well as a rare form of Tra’drn milk. Many companies that sell “free-range” meat buy their produce from Bator.

Bator is ruled by a baron of the Taisha dynasty, who reigns in the only official city on the whole entire planet, which is named after the planet itself.

The baron holds most authority on the planet, although most of the day-to-day governance is done by the various clan patriarchs and matriarchs, that travel along the continent with their clan and flock.

Before Antian colonization, the planet was mountainous, and was thought by many mining companies to be a treasure trove of precious metals. There was a brief war over control of the planet, and the winning company gave control of the planet to a business executive by the name of Bator Taisha, who suggested colonization of the planet.

Celebrated as a local deity among the citizens of the planet, Bator was the man who /very/ soon realized that the mountains of this new planet were filled with absolutely nothing. When the company soon heard of this, they commanded Bator to return their investment. In reality, this was a prison sentence, and he was now confined to the planet. He began the terraforming efforts of the planet, and founded the city of Bator, and after he died it was only a couple generations later and the whole planet successfully became terraformed. Unfortunately, the Taisha heirs not only inherited their planet, but their dynasty founders’ debt as well.

Xylus seized power, and the Taisha debt was dissolved. They stayed at the planet, not only because the family had grown connected to the planet, but because they had come to represent it. Bator was originally advertised as a planet where you could go to live a simple life, not in fear of galactic politics, and did not have to worry about your kids joining gangs, even if you were of little financial means.

The people of Bator are a humble and quiet people, and treat hubris almost like a sin. They do not care for democracy, and are more then happy to give political power to the baron. Besides the worship of Emperor Xylus, the people of the planet place a god-like status on the Taisha family. This is very common in the Empire, as the nobility is viewed as an “enlightened class”.

Way of life for the populace
Most of the citizens of the planet are shepherds, although there is a very small professional class of people that live in the city of Bator, mostly serving the Taisha family. In terms of wealth, there is not much of a wealth gap, meaning that mostly everyone on the planet is the same level of poor. Even the Taisha family themselves are quite poor compared to the rest of the barons of the Antian Empire.

Homeworld of Kumis
This is the planet where Kumis grew up in, where he is a member of the Aigul clan, a humble and honest little clan, with very little political power.


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