The home of Kade Valery, Chai is a very isolated planet that isn’t really a part of any nation, as it was too small to be noticed. (Technically Unaffiliated Realms.)

It is mostly ocean, with six major islands. The islands are mountainous.

The society is ruled by a matriarchy; it is divided into five clans, each ruled by a Grandmother. These Grandmothers form a council to make major decisions. Each Grandmother has five Mothers, who serve as her deputies; she chooses a Mother to take over her position when she dies.

Most women are regular civilians, though all have military training. They are not confined to their birth clan and island; many women switch clans more than once in their lifetimes. Daughters are raised by the clan they are in, and rarely know who their mother is. If their mother leaves the clan, they do not go with her.

Men are considered the lowest class. They are not quite slaves, but the line gets a bit blurry sometimes. They are used as servants, concubines, and workers. All men receive education, though not as much as women do. Men are raised by a special sect of women on the sixth island, taught why women are their superiors and why they must serve. Their lives are not bad ones, and they are rarely mistreated.

To an outsider, the economy is terrible, but the citizens understand that there is no real economy. Everything is done on a gifting basis; you give someone a gift, or do them a favor, and they will later give you a gift in return. The monetary value of things is not important, but their significance to the person is. There is no system of currency, either.

As far as plants go, it’s similar to most Earth-like planets: trees, grass, flowers, etc, and as far as animals go, there is only one major difference: Thyrit. This is both the plural and single form of the word. They are a large species of feline creature, larger than a horse, but not by much, that attack from the shadowy caves in the mountains. They are almost extinct, however, not due to hunting as one may think, but because they were not a species made to survive for very long. They require much more food than in reasonable to acquire in one day, unless one is a pet, and no one is stupid enough to attempt to keep one as a pet.


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