A widely diverse reptilian people that occupy a few dozen systems of the Unaffiliated Realms.

Due to their propensity for race wars and lack of governments that stretch beyond a single planet or sometimes even a single continent of a single planet, the Drokor are looked down upon by other peoples of the galaxy.

Their planets however experience booming trade – the Drokor are the only people able to trade in Qzin space and thus are the only sources of Qzin goods, knowledge, and artifacts.

The Drokor rely upon a heavily modified version of Qzin magics to get around.


Drokor differ dramatically in phenotype. Some amble about on all fours, others are bipedal. Some have smooth scaly skin, others have rough jagged scales and bony nodules. Some possess leathery wings, others have gills.

They come in a wide range of colors. From most common to least common they are: green, blue, orange, red, and black.


The Drokor are a matrilineal society – the warriors and leadership are all females and the males primarily stay at home and tend to the nests.


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