The Drunns are a tribal civilization and are offshoots of the Drokor. The Drunns are the most human-looking of all the sentient species in the strange, and mostly unexplored worlds occupied by the Drokor and all their offshoots. They have thick leathery green-grey skin, are usually freakishly tall, and have two front teeth which resemble fangs, designed to tear through raw meat and bones. They are hairless, and have exceptionally low intelligence. Many cannot speak more then a few words at a time and, as a species, the Drunns are believed to have absolutely no critical thinking skills or creative impulses.


Drunns do not believe in money or complex government. The strongest warlord is technically the representative of the planet, although warlords die as quickly as they are made.


The Drunns tend to leave everyone in the universe alone, except when they embark on massive raids. This happens under very specific circumstances which MUST be met before any such war party embarks. The Drunns must have warp enabled ships on hand somehow, and the population must be high enough for their traditional form of combat on foreigners.

Drunn battle plans are simple: send warriors in until the enemies ammunition runs out. This usually only works for isolated planets, or unprepared frontier planets.

The Drunns are a patriarchal society, a direct opposite of the Drokors.

The Qzin are the only civilization in history to ever successfully have dialogue with the Drunns. The Antians are currently in the process of attempting communication, but more pressing matters with the Mandate and Qzin took priority over this project.

Common belief among the universe suggests that the Drunn believe in reincarnation, which would explain their almost suicidal tendencies during raids. There is no common religion among the species, although they are a spiritual people. Every time a Drunn dies, it’s considered holy, and everytime a Drunn kills, it’s thought to be an act of prayer.


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