The Lucian Authority

A nation that occupies four star systems near the eastern side of the Antian Empire.

Status: Significantly integrated into the Antian Empire since the Mandate Invasion.

Ruled by the Most Exalted High Constable, Dr. Artrix re Demas and his Most Loyal council.

The Lucian Authority is ruled by an elite technocracy. The council members are chosen through an extensive interview process, so the members are appointed by speciality and skill, not through petty politics. For example, there must always be a select amount of biologists on the council, and then physicists, etc, and the council members are supposed to be the very top of their respective field. The council members rule until death, or if any research they have completed has been proven to be fraudalent, then they are evicted, and their name is forever smeared, with no second chance. The High Constable is mostly a figurehead, meant to represent the Authority abroad, as well as maintain order during council sessions, with the council holding most executive power. The High Constable is chosen through a council vote, and can only be evicted for the same reason as the council members. The nation was originally founded by escaped slaves from the Confederacy, when a failed experiment meant to create intelligent slaves went horribly wrong. The Lucians are distinct from other Etre’al, as their skin has a natural light blue tint to it, making them easily distinguishable. They are stuck-up and think highly of themselves.

The Lucians are natural scientists and mathematicians, and work exceptionally well in groups made up primarily of Lucians.

Status in Antian Empire
Lucians can be found on many different Antian research stations, and also serve in the military, researching new weaponery, and Lucian physicists are also artillery specialists on massive star ships. The natural intellect of the Lucians cause them to look down on most other races, so many in the Empire consider them stubborn and other researchers claim they are difficult to work with at times. It is considered an insult among the highly educated class of the Empire, when someone claims another Antian acts like a Lucian.

The Lucian Authority

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