Traxos Trade Confederacy

A heavily industrialized nation that shares the Antian Quadrant with the Antian Empire.

Heavily secular and business focused.

Has been in near perpetual conflict with the Antian Empire for the last 100 years.


High Burgher – Borea

Ruled by an Executive Council, composed of directors and other powerful businessmen. The High Burgher serves primarily as the commander in chief and is responsible for the defense of all member planets.

Offers more social mobility than the Antian Empire. Citizens of the Confederacy are known to be hard-workers, if a little selfish. Religion is frowned upon, although not illegal. Genetic slavery is practiced within the nation and this specific practice has caused many diplomatic issues with the Empire, as well as other surrounding nations. Are known to be decadent, with golden teeth and their infamous harems.

The Traxian military is notorious for their casters, who can outmaneuver and outwit even the most seasoned Mandate general. The 100 year war with the Empire has developed a very hostile culture within the nation, and because of this the Confederacy boasts some of the most brutal and cut throat negotiators/CEOs in the galaxy.

Traxos Trade Confederacy

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