A warlike nation marked by its strong martial tradition, cultural acceptance and promotion of genetic and physiological modifications, and its immense feats of architecture and construction. The bulk of its people live not on planets, but on massive constructs.

It launched a series of wars of expansion roughly a thousand years ago, losing the last to the combined might of the ISPA. The Mandate joined the ISPA under the peace treaty, and over a 100 years, subsumed it within.

Now the Mandate rule the ISPA with an iron fist, aided in control through their near total control of ISPA legislation, a vast network of hostages from noble Oura families and oaths of allegiance from massive super-corporations that have for all intents and purposes divvied up entire sections of the ISPA as their own personal holdings.

The Mandate have a strange obsession/hatred of Ourak casting. On one hand, due to its necessity for transport, they seek to control and understand it, opening up horrific secret laboratories where they subject captured casters to terrible experiments. Additionally, they have several populations of enslaved casters who serve on their vessels.

On the other hand, they see Ourak casters, especially the most powerful Oura, as a threat to their control, and wish to see them controlled for perpetuity. They partially accomplish this through ISPA regulations that enable them to control the sizes of minor Echelonics.



Mandate civilization arose near the end of the 2nd wave of the Great Diaspora, roughly 1500 years ago. The first Mandates were composed primarily of a fringe sect from Deltora who had been exiled for heresy. They established themselves on the planet of Akanthos.

The early Mandates were obsessed with technological development – focusing on bettering the lives of their people. Over the next three hundred years, Mandate society prospered. The average Mandate life-span, thanks to anti-aging drugs developed by Mandate scientists, became roughly four hundred years. Mandate trade vessels plied the space of the Deltoran Quadrant and could be found at every planet.

The Mandate had a rocky relationship with Deltora – the planets’ relationship was chilly at best. As Mandate influence within the Deltoran Quadrant grew, so did the animosity between the Deltorans and the Mandates. The lengthy arms buildup before the war saw the creation of the Mandate Defenders, the Mandate Lords, and the first Titans.

Mandate-Deltoran War

Ultimately the tensions between Deltora and the Mandate erupted into war. The Deltorans launched a three pronged invasion, carving a path through Mandate space. The Mandate fleets eschewed a direct engagement, giving up planets while drawing the Deltorans towards their home world. The pivotal battle of the Mandate-Deltoran war occurred around the Mandate homeworld of Akanthos. Here the Deltoran armada found itself facing the massed might of the Mandate war machine. Almost the entirety of the Deltoran fleet was annihilated during the battle of Akanthos. The war quickly reversed as Mandate forces drove deep into Deltoran space and forced the Deltoran surrender.

The War Faction Seizes Control Of the Mandate

After the end of the Mandate-Deltoran War, two powerful political factions began to feud over the future path of the Mandate. The War faction sought to expand Mandate territory, arguing that the way to wealth and prosperity lay through rapid expansion. The Peace Faction argued against expansion, instead proposing that wealth and prosperity could be gained through trade alone. Ultimately, violence broke out between the Peace Faction and the War Faction. The War Faction was supported by nine of the thirteen Mandate Lords, the remaining three and the Lord Primus remaining loyal to the Peace Faction. The conflict was brutal and short. After its end, the Mandate Lord Primus was presumed dead, believed to had been killed when his Titan was ambushed and destroyed by War Faction Lords. The war left Akanthos devastated, forcing the bulk of the Mandate population to move to space settlements or to settle on recently conquered planets. It was around this time that the construction of Bastion, the massive sprawl of orbital structures that would become the capital of the Mandate, began around Deltora.

The Mandate Expansion

Over the next two centuries, the Mandate underwent periods of rapid expansion followed by lengthy peace periods to digest the newly gained territory. The Mandate Wars began with the First Mandate War of Conquest and ended with the War for Mandate Containment .

The Battle of Akanthos ended the War for Mandate Containment and saw the final defeat of Mandate forces and their capitulation to the ISPA. One provision of the peace treaty was that the Mandate be allowed to enter the ISPA.

The ISPA Is Subsumed

Through a mixture of bribery, economic warfare, and subtle use of military force, the Mandate managed to gain the support of the ISPA ruling classes. The ISPA Executive Council – composed only of Mandate representatives – was created. At this point, Mandate control over ISPA laws and regulations become complete.

Society and People

The Mandate are unique in that they are almost entirely of Etre’al stock, with an average height of roughly 1.78 meters. They are fairly diverse, coming in a variety of shades and body types. Average life-spans for the Mandate, due to advanced technology, are at around four hundred years. Note that this refers to Mandate Basics, and does not factor in the Mandate Defenders, or other genetically altered Mandate.

Mandate Warriors- The arms build-up prior to the conflict with Deltora saw the creation of the Mandate warrior caste. Mandate warriors are specifically augmented for combat with other specific adaptations depending on their area of service. The typical Mandate Warrior stands at a little less than 2.4 meters in height, and possesses a host of biological and artificial augmentations, such as vastly strengthened bone structure, another set of lungs, two hearts, super-dense muscle fiber, advanced cybernetic neural implants, among other, more secret modifications. Mandate Warriors can most commonly be seen serving in Elite Stellar-Planetary Enforcement, throughout ISPA territory.

Mandate Lords- The specialized military leadership caste for the Mandate. Only the most capable warriors managed to achieve Lord status. There were originally 13 Mandate Lords, including the Lord Primus. In-fighting after the Deltoran-Mandate War lowered this number to 2. The current number of Mandate Lords is estimated to be roughly 500.

Mandate Lord Primus- the title accorded to the supreme commander of the Mandate forces and now, the leader of the Mandate. The original Lord Primus remained loyal to the Peace Faction and was believed to have been killed during the Mandate Civil War. The current Mandate Lord Primus is Ryko Pa’an


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