The Qzin are an insectoid species, possessing a thickly armored carapace, six limbs, and prominent mandibles.


Believed to have arrived 50 million years ago from another galaxy.

Recently launched a wave of assaults into Antian Space, leaving many Qzin researchers baffled.


Qzin civilization is composed of hive minds. Each Qzin “swarm” revolves around the Swarm Queen, the dominant personality in the hive mind.

The Qzin as a species are quite reclusive, and do not tolerate any breaches of what they

consider to be their territory, responding with fierce violence. The Qzin keep to their borders, and were believed to not engage in marauding ventures.

They are sentient, and have developed an analogue of casting that they use to propel their ships at faster than light speeds.

They only permit the Drokor to enter their space and trade with them.

Furthermore, the Qzin have not been seen to exhibit any kind of unity – feuds among the hives are common.


The Qzin are divided into a series of hives. Each hive varies dramatically in size, with the smallest being a few thousand and the largest numbering in the billions.

The vast majority of Qzin are male drones who serve a variety of purposes from soldiering, piloting, to menial labor.


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